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FUTURE TRENDVehicle-mounted refrigerator will develop into one of those standard features for new energy vehicles.

Consumption upgrade and the advancement in new energy vehicle have turned automobile from “Transport vehicle” into “Automobile living space”, and enabled people to keep improving the quality in their vehicle utilization. Simultaneously, road trip and outdoor camping have become two of the common scenarios in the automobile-based life. A vehicle-mounted refrigerator operating around the clock really vitalizes the automobile-based life space with either readily available cold drinks, ice cream and fruit, or those nutritional boxed meals and facial mask essence during the road trip. Therefore, this configuration has become an indispensable feature of high-quality automobile-based life.

Vehicle electrification and intelligence create the feasibility for continuous power supply for vehicle-mounted refrigerator and its interconnection with both vehicle and cellphone systems, thus substantially optimizing both utilization scenario and user experience in such product. In this way, the product will be incorporated into the upgrade and reform of intelligent cabin sooner, and thereby gradually become one of those standard automobile features.


ICECO has been engaging deeply into the vehicle-mounted refrigerator segment for 18 years. In 2014, the Company became a first-class supplier to Mercedes-Benz Fujian, and thereby started the Automobile Built-in business for passenger vehicle. With the development in new energy vehicle, ICECO has seized firmly the opportunity, adhered to technology innovation and product leadership, and dedicated itself to providing more professional and reliable front- and vehicle-mounted refrigerator solutions for OEM clients.

Rediscovery of the Automobile Built-in Refrigerator

Successful CasePassenger Vehicle
Successful CaseCommercial Vehicle

ICECO maintains the partnership with multiple commercial vehicle OEMs worldwide, and serves as one of the first-class suppliers to those well-known domestic heavy truck OEMs, such as Sinotruk and FAW Jiefang. Simultaneously, it also supplies professional vehicle-mounted refrigerator solutions to overseas heavy truck brands, such as Iveco, DAF, Renault and Volvo. The Company carries out anti-tipping tests regarding the driving conditions of commercial vehicles so as to ensure the stable refrigerator performance during the long-distance driving process. According to the different types of commercial vehicle cabin layout and the different living habits between domestic and foreign truck drivers, the research and development team specially develops different temperature ranges and spatial layouts to meet the demands from differentiated client bases.

  • Sinotruk, FAW Jiefang, Dongfeng, etc.

    It can achieve the refrigeration at -18℃ and meet the requirements on vibration and EMC test standards in the heavy truck industry.

  • Iveco

    The higher space utilization, the stronger insulation performance and the flexible door opening method facilitate users’ daily utilization.

  • DAF

    In addition to a higher space utilization rate and a stronger insulation performance, the product by ICECO realizes an ultra-large capacity according to vehicle model characteristics and user demands, so as to fully meet drivers’ long-distance needs.

  • Volvo

    The research and development team customizes the product according to the cabin layout, and adopts a flat design to better adapt to the sleeper height and to deliver a more convenient access.

Successful CaseRecreational Vehicle

In response to the growing demand in the recreational vehicle-based camping market, ICECO provides the large-capacity vehicle-mounted refrigerator solutions for multiple recreational vehicle brands, such as SAIC Maxus, JMC RV, Yutong, Live Zone and Jinghang. By virtue of full freezing temperature control system, self-cooling management, flexible temperature range and other designs, the products by ICECO adapt to various types of recreational vehicle space requirements and user habits.

  • The capacity meets the daily camping demands from users; the small size meets the installation needs for recreational vehicles in different types.

  • The "Up-and-down layout" and "Left-and-right layout" can be flexibly customized according to actual demands so as to achieve ultra-large capacity through combination.

  • The capacity meets the needs of daily camping, and the compact size is more convenient for the installation of different types of caravans.

Why Automotive OEMs choose ICECO?

Higher Quality Project Delivery Capability
19 years of technical accumulation focusing on Mobile fridges.
  • 30+Trust from and partnership
    with 30+ OEMs
  • 100+Development experience
    accumulation from 100+ projects
  • 5%of its sales amount into research
    and development expenditure
  • 3Technological research and development centers
  • 100+Professional researchers and developers
  • 263Granted patents(As of October 1, 2023)
CAE simulation capability
Through various types of CAE simulation analyses, such as stiffness/strength, temperature field, fluid, vibration and modality, the research and development team can detect existing failure risks as early as possible, instruct and verify designs, and thereby propose a more perfect project solution.
Experimental Verification Capability
ICECO Laboratory covers more than 30 test items that not only keep front- and vehicle-mounted refrigerator compliant with regulated vehicle requirements and EMC design standards but also ensure its stable registration performance under harsh on-board conditions, such as long-term vibration, frequent start and stop, and drastic temperature change.
Higher Quality Product Delivery Capabilities
ICECO continues improving its intelligent manufacturing capacity, and fully implemented the automatic, digitized and flexible production line.
The Company betters its product consistency and reliability through the accurate traceability of MES system and the continuous improvement in both error prevention and fool-proof measures.
In 2022, ICECO was accredited as one of the Specialized and Sophisticated Enterprises Producing New and Unique Products in Guangdong Province, and one of the Digitized and Intelligence-driven Demonstration Workshops in Zhongshan Manufacture Enterprises.
Higher Level of Innovative Development Capacity
ICECO adheres to the driving force from innovation and continues improving its solution capabilities in structural design optimization, refrigeration performance improvement, NVH optimization, VOC processing, electrodynamic mechanism verification, intelligent development and other aspects.
Faster Service Response Capability
To meet client needs in a better way, ICECO has established a “Rapid Response Department”.
After product delivery, the professional support and the after-sales guarantee services ensure the timely response to client appeals, and thereby improve the problem-solving timeliness.